BIO-CIRCLE L EVO. Active Degrade Removed Oil for Longer Services

For Medium Heavy Cleaning with Natural Microorganism, & Ready to Use

NSF Certified Solvent-Free, Water Based Ready to use, Eliminates Incorrect Dilution. Best with Brushed Supported Washer & High Pressure Parts Washer System

BIO-CIRCLE L Removes Everyday Contaminations such as Oils, Greases and Particle Impurities, from Work Pieces such as Moulds.

It Contains Microorganisms which offers a Long Service Life for the Cleaning Fluid with Parts Washer Filtration System

This VOC Free Cleaner has been dermatologically tested for Skin Friendliness, thus Guarantees Improved Skin Protection.

Fresh Apple Scented makes Cleaning on the Parts Washer a Pleasant Job.

Cleaned Surfaces can be Rinsed with Water without Leaving Any Residue, which makes BIO-CIRCLE L Suitable for use in the Food Industry.

BIO-CIRCLE L is NSF Certified

BIO-CIRCLE L EVO is VOC Free, NSF, Non Labeled Unique Cleaners

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Applicables Process

Part Washer, Cleaning & Pressure Washer

Best Material

Steel / Stainless Steel, Plastics, Varnished Surface, Zinc-Coated Surfaces

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