Clean AD(hesive) 300. Nature Boost Advanced Cleans & Primes Cleaner

Extreme Clean Power.Increase Bonding Surface Strength up to 7 Times

VOC Reduced, New Bonding Innovation. Label Free & Safe Process to improve Adhesive Strength up to 5 times. Hazard Fee Requirement during Cleaning

Best for Difficult Surface such as PVC or PE.

Leave a Layer of Thick Adhesion Boosting Substance on the Surface. "Wet" Bonding allow Flexible Working Time

CLEAN AD 300 is VOC High, Non Labeled Unique Cleaners

pH Rating( MSDS Based ) =>


VOC %   =>


Flashpoint in °C =>


Applicables Process

Manual Cleaning

Best Material


Check Material Compatibility

Steel / Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Varnished Surface, Non-Ferrous Metal, Zinc-Coated Surfaces