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E-NOX-I Water-based Strong Cleaner with Ultra Fine Abrasive Material

Non Destructive, Highly Yield & Active Cleaning Effect. Solvent Free

VOC Reduced Ultra Strong Water Based Cleaner with No Solvents. Highly Active, Vicious, Acidic with Abrasive Ingredients. Clean & Rinse off with No Residue

BIO CIRCLE E-NOX-I is a Viscous, Acidic Stainless Steel Cleaner with Abrasive Ingredients that contains Neither Nitric Nor Hydrofluoric Acid

It is an Ultra Strong Water based Cleaner for Removing Extremely Persistent Contaminations from Stainless Steel and Other Surfaces.

BIO CIRCLE E-NOX-I Cleans Tarnished, Heavily Weathered and Corroded Surfaces while removing Mineral Sediments, such as Limescale and Cement, Incrustations, Extraneous Rust, and Oxidations.

The Cleaner is Highly Active while Non Destructive Cleaning Effect

The Unique BIO CIRCLE E-NOX-I can be Rinsed Off Without Residues & Used in the Food Industry

E-NOX-I is VOC Reduced Unique Cleaners

Bio Circle E-NOX-I has pH Level of < 1

VOC %   =>


Flashpoint in °C =>


Applicables Process

Best Material

Steel / Stainless Steel, Aluminium

Check Material Compatibility

Varnished Surface, Non-Ferrous Metal, Rubber, Zinc-Coated Surfaces, Plastics

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