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FOR CLEAN V. NSF Certified & VOC Free. Light Viscous & Booster Foam

Best for Vertical Surfaces & Unrestricted Overhead Surfaces Cleaning

NSF Certified, VOC Free & 100 % Biodegradable Cleaner. Slightly Viscous & Foaming for Large Surface Foam Sprayer including Ceiling or Vertical Surfaces

FOR CLEAN V Cleaners is a General Purpose Cleaners for Demanding Workshop with Slightly Vicious, Forming

it is Safe, Label-free, Cost Efficient, Miscible with Water up to 1:5, Sustainable & 100 % Easily Biodegradable Ingredients

It work Best in the Industrial Workshop, Especially during Shift Changes or in Between. VOC Free Cleaner & Optimal for Vertical Surfaces

Applies to Machines from the Outside, Workbenches, Conveyor Belts, Tools and Others
Plastics Processing, Metalworking or CNC, Food Industry, Automotive, Transport, Crafts, etc.

FOR CLEAN F Cleaners is for Manual or Mechanical Application. This Cleaner used CleanBlue Technology Energy Efficient Low Application Temperature

FOR CLEAN V is VOC Free, NSF, Non Labelled Unique Cleaners

Bio Circle FOR CLEAN V has pH Level of 10

VOC %   =>


Flashpoint in °C =>


Applicables Process

Best Material

Steel / Stainless Steel, Plastics, Varnished Surface

Check Material Compatibility

Aluminium, Non-Ferrous Metal, Rubber, Zinc-Coated Surfaces

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