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HAIR REMOVER DRAIN-FREE. VOC Free Drain Cleaner for Organic Clogged

Ready to Use, Alkaline Based, Non Vapours with Antiseptic Effect

VOC Free, Water-Based, Fast Acting Alkaline Drain Cleaner. Safe Non Chlorinated Formulation with High Effective, Non Heat Reaction Dissolving & Non Residue

BIO CIRCLE HAIR REMOVER is a VOC Free Non Dangerous Formulation to Clean Drains or Pipe.

It work in a Safe & Professional Way for Effectiveness & Efficiency Removing of Organic matter

Preventively: 100 ml of Hair Removal once a Month

Slightly clogged: 100 ml of Hair Remover, exposure time 3 minutes, Rinse

Heavily clogged: 200 ml of Hair Remover, exposure time 10 - 15 minutes, Rinse

Our tip: First pour 1 L of Hot Water into the Drain.

HAIR REMOVER is VOC Free Unique Cleaners

Bio Circle HAIR REMOVER has pH Level of 14

VOC %   =>


Flashpoint in °C =>


Applicables Process

Best Material

Steel / Stainless Steel, Plastics, Non-Ferrous Metal

Check Material Compatibility


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