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POWER CLEANER DB Flushing Circulation & Basic Low Foaming Cleaner

NSF Certified & VOC Reduced Cleaner for HTW or RWR Cleaning System

VOC Reduced Low Foaming Acidic Cleaner Suited for Mechanical Cleaning Closed Loop System. Authorized Cleaner by Deutsche Bahn AG for Mechanical Application

BIO CIRCLE POWER CLEANER DB Highly Efficient & VOC Reduced Cleaner Specially for Mechanical Cleaning in the HTW (Hot-Water Parts Washer) and for use in the RWR (Pipe- and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Device)

This Unique Cleaner is Approved by Deutsche Bahn AG.

Low Foaming offers Easy of Mechanical Removal of Mineral Deposits.

BIO CIRCLE POWER CLEANER DB is Free from Hydrochloric Acid

POWER CLEANER DB is VOC Reduced, NSF Unique Cleaners

Bio Circle POWER CLEANER DB has pH Level of < 1

VOC %   =>


Flashpoint in °C =>


Applicables Process

Best Material

Steel / Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Plastics

Check Material Compatibility

Rubber, Varnished Surface, Non-Ferrous Metal, Zinc-Coated Surfaces

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