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SC 400 Strong Cleaner. Orange Peel based Extract. Manual Cleaning

High Efficient Cleaner & Degreaser with Maximum Dissolving Power

Ready to Use Pleasantly Solvent Based Fast Cleaner. it offers Powerful Dissolving Power for Extreme Soiling at Low Temperature to Room Temperature

BIO CIRCLE SC 400 Cleaner Is a Pleasant Scented Cleaner which can Dissolves Extreme Soiling at Room Temperature or Lower

It is used Manually and comes with New Maximum Dissolving Power

SC 100, 200 and 400 are Cleaners and Degreasers based on Natural Source Orange Peel Extracts, Developed for the Fast, Effective and Virtually Residue Free Removal of Extremely Persistent Contaminations and Incrustations

Adhesive Residues,Bitumen, Lubricants, Graffiti, Resins, Oils and Greases as well as Rubber Residues and Marks are Safely Removed from Surfaces such as Metal, Stone, Concrete, Marble, Tiles and Wood.

Their High Cleaning Efficiency and Ensuing Fast Evaporation Further Processing is Possible in Short Time.

During Cleaning Process, SC Cleaners Series are used as Cold Cleaners at Ambient Temperature or at Temperatures down to -30°C

They are also suited for Stain Removal and for Turpentine Soluble Natural Resins, such as Pine Resin or Kauri.

SC Cleaners Natural Essential Oil of the Orange Peel is Carefully Extracted by Cold Pressing. The Orange Peels are Pressed at Low Temperature and Processed with the Aid of Gentle Physical Technical Procedures. Essential Oil Content is 0.3 − 0.5 %.

SC 400 is VOC High Unique Cleaners

Bio Circle SC 400 pH Level Not Listed

VOC %   =>


Flashpoint in °C =>


Applicables Process

Best Material

Steel / Stainless Steel, Zinc-Coated Surfaces, Aluminium, Non-Ferrous Metal

Check Material Compatibility

Plastics, Rubber

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