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Fast, Efficient & Systematic Cleaning System Videos for Various Industries

Bio-Circle Videos Advanced Bio Cleaners in Action for Cleaners & System

Bio-Circle System Solution has been Developed for Various Applications and Stands out for their Special Characteristics that played an Important Role in Protecting Both the Environment and the Employees.

Advantages with Bio-Circle Cleaners & Systems

Nature Boost - Renewable Raw Materials with Excellent Dissolving Powers. it is a Non-Combustible, VOC-free & non-labeled Product.

VOC-free or VOC-reduced - The European VOC Solvents Directive (1999/13/EC) Aims to Considerably Reducing the Use of Solvents and VOC Emissions into the Environment, thus Protecting Human Health. The Development and Manufacturing of Our VOC-free or VOC-reduced Products is Our Main Goal. In Plenty of Applications, the Water-based Bio-Circle Products can Replace Solvents Completely.

Non-labeled - Optimize Cleaning Process without Labeled Products or VOC. Reduce the Requirement of HAZMAT, HAZMAT Trainings, and the Preparation of Operating Instructions to Reduce Cost while Using Bio-Circle Non-labeled Cleaners.

NSF - Cleaning in the Food Industries. The NSF-Certified Water-Based Bio-Circle Cleaners are Completely Miscible with Water, And Because of their Residue-Free Rinsability They are Suitable for Applications in the Food Industry according to Sec. 31 LFGB (German Food, Consumer Goods And Feed Code).

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