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Bio-Circle vent® Cleaner. Let your Kitchen Breathe. All the Time.

The Innovation in Duct & Ventilation Cleaning Technology !

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vent® Reduce Risk & Cost Saving for Commerical and Industrial Duct or Ventilation Systems

Global Food Industrial from Fast Food Chains to Schools, Food Processing Manufacturer & Hospitals to Fine Dining Establishments spends USD 80 million to Manage the Safety of their Duct System

All Duct and Ventilation System on the Premises Facing

  • Fire Risk from Fats, Oils & Grease Build Up

  • Attract Bacteria & Risk to Health

  • Noise Pollution from Overworked Fan Extractors

  • Smelly Adour from all the Build Up or Dead Vermins

  • Vermin & Insect Infestations, Stucked from Sticky Environment & Died

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Bio-Circle Clean Duct Vent.jpg

vent® offer Easy Cleaning Solution for in the Duct & Ventilation Systems

vent® works with Enzymes that Continuously Clean even the Strong Contaminated Ventilation System in Industrial or Commercial Kitchen / Lab / Food Processing Industries

Biochemical Reduction Nebulized into the Exhaust Duct.

The Liquid Mist is Distributed inside the Exhaust Duct just like the Greasy Particles in the Exhaust Air and Split the Greases up in Glycerine and Fatty Acids. This will Soften all the Dirt, Grease, Oil, etc

Solvation of the Grease will Dissolve them from the Duct Walls
Those Soften Residues will Flow into the Grease Collection Channels. Grease drain Cocks Facilitate Draining in Longer Duct Sections.

Encapsulation will "Trap the Odours
The Odour Absorber will Absorb Unpleasant, Rancid Odours thus stop Attracting Pest or Mice into the Ventilation System

Benefits with vent® Automated System and Solutions for Food Industries and Clean Rooms

Permanent Cleaning of the Duct, Fan & Ventilation System


  • Effective Fire Protection

  • No Downtimes in your Restaurant & Kitchen Operation

  • Longer Service Lives for Filters and Motors

  • Minimization of Investment- and Service Costs

  • Reduce Manual Labor 

  • NSF Certified. Best for Food Industries Duct System

  • No Labelling required under the CLP Regulation

  • Operating Principle Confirmed Scientifically

  • Dermatologically Tested

  • Halal Certified

  • Does not Contain drinkable Alcohol (Ethanol) nor Propan-2-ol or it's Derivates.

  • Automated system Available to reduce Down Time for Commercial Kitchen

Bio Circle vent Liquid.jpg

vent® Liquid Remove Oils & Grease.


Invented with Fully Biodegradeable Enzymes. Embedded Highly Effective Biocatalysts would not Easily be Depleted


Resulted in Longer Service lives of Motors, Heat Exchangers, and Ducts


The VENT Liquid Activated with the Exhaust Heat of the Duct System 

Bio Circle vent L Booster.jpg

vent® L Booster Effectively Removes Extremely Persistent Carbonizations while Gentle on the Material from it's Technological Enzymatic Splitting up of the Contaminations

The Active Enzymes Effectively Degrade Grease Carbonizations and Contaminations such as Soot, Resins, and Waxes using Biological Micro-splitting.

The Result will be a Clean Ventilation and Newly Dissolved Residue which are Prevented from Adhering

Bio Circle vent L PLus.jpg

vent® L Plus is a VOC-free Liquid for Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Ducts and Ventilation Systems and Automatically Bind with Unpleasant Grease Odours.


It Features an Effective Odour Absorber that binds Unpleasant Smells, thus Making a Significant Contribution to Fulfilling the Requirements of VDI Guideline 6022.

vent® L Plus Work by Liquefying the Contaminations, Splitting them up into Glycerine and Free Fatty Acids. It Further Encases and Degrades the Odour Molecules.


Additionally, the Duct & Ventilation Components are Protected from Corrosion by means of Inhibitors contained in vent® L Plus.

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