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A well of resources at your fingertips with the toughest abrasives and cleaning solutions!

A well of resources at your fingertips!

Whether you are working in the upstream or downstream process in the oil and gas industry, it is tough work! At Walter, we understand the harsh conditions and dirty work environments you work in. This is why we dedicated ourselves to developing slick products that feature long life, speed and safety. And combined it all together in our abrasive cutting and grinding wheels. Plus, Walter also offers special Bio-Circle cleaning solutions that work to loosen and remove tough baked-on materials, so that you don’t have to work as hard. See how our specially-formulated abrasives and cleaning solutions can help you work better.

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The XCAVATOR has the highest removal rate of any of Walter's grinding wheels and is compatible with all metals (steel, stainless, cast iron, hard alloyed steel, etc.). When the number one priority is high removal, XCAVATOR is the wheel of choice. Confronted with some of the toughest metals in the industry, from tungsten carbide to quenched and tempered steel, the XCAVATOR demonstrated time and time again its capacity for ultra high removal. You will feel the bite of this wheel on every type of metal!

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The ZIP WHEEL is recognized throughout industry as the ultimate performance cutting abrasive on the market. Heavily reinforced for safety, this cutting wheel is designed with a thin profile for the fastest and coolest cuts. It offers the most cuts per wheel in the industry, making the ZIP WHEEL the preferred choice for most cutting applications.

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E-WELD, anti-spatter solution

E-WELD is a safe, natural solution that protects work pieces, welding equipment from weld spatter to keep you from having to perform time-consuming, costly rework.

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Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, is a global leader in environmentally-friendly solutions. Offering a variety of industrial parts cleaning solutions, systems and environmentally friendly cleaners and degreasers, our products are designed with safety and environmental sustainability in mind.

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