Brushing metal surfaces clean, without altering base materials.


Power brushes have long been used for edge and surface conditioning on a wide variety of materials. Unlike other abrasives that remove base material along with surface contaminants, power brushes work on the metal surface without altering the base material. Thousands of wire tips brush and clean the metal to achieve the desired surface, ready for re-work, repair or maintenance.


When surface conditioning is required on a variety of metals, you need to ensure that all contaminants are removed from the surface, without altering the base material. By relying on Walter power brushes, you can have confidence that you are using the best product to condition your metal surface.


At Walter, our goal is to provide “only the best” to you. This means we develop only the best power brushes with the finest industrial grade materials in the market. Each of our brushes have been designed and assembled using the latest manufacturing technology and have met the strictest quality control standards in order to provide you with premium brushes to increase productivity productive and maximum safety - because we know, when you are building the best, you only deserve the best!


Safety is a critical aspect in our business, which is why Walter is dedicated to ensuring the safest, most efficient way to see you through to project completion. Our power brushes have an internal steel pate to hold the wires securely in place, even under extreme pressure for maximum strength and safety. In addition, every knot is perfectly balanced before being permanently anchored in an individual hole, ensuring concentricity and vibration-free brushing for maximum operator comfort.


Cost of production is always a concern. By relying on Walter abrasive products, you can minimize your production time, saving you time and labor cost!

Walter offers a variety of power brushes with a removable ring, allowing for a significant increase in the life of the brush.
In addition, our premium high tensile wire is oil-hardened and tempered for the longest life, allowing you to work longer and faster with our power brushes, diminishing down-time.


Power Brushes