Moving your metal fabricating projects forward with true innovation!

Moving your metalworking jobs forward!

When everything depends on being on the move, depend on Walter Surface Technologies to provide the best products to keep you moving forward. Walter understands transportation’s strict requirements for quality and shares your concerns with providing safety to your employees and customers. That’s why Walter has an R&D team dedicated to producing only the best solutions. From non-hazardous cleaning products, to specially designed products with built-in safety features, you can trust that Walter is working in your best interest to help you work better.

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Learn how CP enhances productivity and safety through proper tool selection and deploying safety programs.

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Specially formulated for maximum compatibility with plastics and rubber-like compounds, this residue-free and fast evaporating cleaner/degreaser effectively dissolves and removes grease and oil.

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This heavy-duty, non-chlorinated formula penetrates and lubricates seized parts while inhibiting rust in a wide range of temperatures.

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The ZIP WHEEL is recognized throughout industry as the ultimate performance cutting abrasive on the market. Heavily reinforced for safety, this cutting wheel is designed with a thin profile for the fastest and coolest cuts. It offers the most cuts per wheel in the industry, making the ZIP WHEEL the preferred choice for most cutting applications.

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FLEXCUT, Flexible Grinding Wheel

Nothing comes close to the performance of FLEXCUT when grinding or blending welds on curved surfaces. FLEXCUT is specially designed to provide maximum control and easy handling on sensitive work surfaces. The deep diamond-cut pattern allows for quick, easy material removal so that you don't have to sacrifice productivity while also allowing FLEXCUT to run cool enough to be used on heat-sensitive metals such as stainless steel and aluminum.

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TWIST Finishing Solutions

This system makes finishing quick and easy. Each disc can be mounted or removed from the backing pad with a quick turn, reducing downtime and allowing you to go from grinding and blending to applying the final finish in just minutes. Save time and improve the quality of your work!

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Wire Power Brushes

The Power Brushes have long been used for edge and surface conditioning on a wide variety of materials. Unlike grinding wheels and other abrasives that remove base material along with the surface contaminants, power brushes work on the metal surface without removing the base material. Only the tips of the wire on a power brush hammer the metal surface like thousands of tiny ball peens to finish and work-harden the surface.

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Bio-Circle, a division of Walter Surface Technologies, is a global leader in environmentally-friendly solutions. Offering a variety of industrial parts cleaning solutions, systems and environmentally friendly cleaners and degreasers, our products are designed with safety and environmental sustainability in mind.

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